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Doctoral programme “Experimentation in mathematic-scientific education” (ExMNU)

Within the framework of our doctoral programme, with its comprehensive and innovative cooperation and coordination between participating universities, eleven empirical research projects in the area of teaching and learning research are implemented. These projects are carried out in the various scientific disciplines (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), in Theme Studies and in Mathematics at different grade levels and in different school forms. The doctoral programme started in 2008, lasts for a period of three years and is promoted by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science.

The Universities of Education of Heidelberg, Freiburg (coordinating university), Ludwigsburg and Weingarten are involved in the doctoral programme.

The uniqueness but also the challenge of this doctoral programme is based in the multi-university and interdisciplinary (Mathematics, Science, Psychology, Theme studies) constitution of its programme.

Central goals are to research how

  • experiments in education, based on subject didactics and empirically ensured, can be employed to facilitate content oriented learning and competence acquisition in education and
  • the experimentative competence of students can be diagnosed and decisively promoted.

The doctoral programme is characterized by its comprehensive framework (methodological individual consultation, accompanying doctoral programme, internal and external exchange of information and cooperation) as well as by its quality assurance programme.

Lesson models which have been developed and tested in the individual projects as well as the central project results will be published in the framework of a practical and theoretical comprehensive publication.

The following professors are participating in the doctoral programme:

Prof. Dr. Bärbel Barzel - Prof. Dr. Jens Friedrich - Prof. Dr. Matthias Laukenmann - Prof. Dr. Timo Leuders - Prof. Dr. Marco Oetken - Prof. Dr. Christoph Randler - Prof. Dr. Bernd Reinhoffer - Prof. Dr. Werner Rieß - Prof. Dr. Marcus Schrenk - Prof Dr. Erich Starauscheck

PH Freiburg: Prof. Dr. Werner Rieß, Prof. Dr. Markus Wirtz, Prof. Dr. Bärbel Barzel, Dr. Nicolas Robin, Dr. Andreas Schulz

Coordinators and contact:
Dr. Nicolas Robin (undefinednicolas.robin(at)
Dr. Andreas Schulz (Andreas.Schulz(at)