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In addition to the research relevant goals of this multi-university doctoral programme, the following concrete benefits can be expected:

Eleven junior scientists will be educated. After they have accomplished their doctoral work, they will be well acquainted with empirical teaching research, able to successfully contribute their skills on a high quality level in their areas of didactics and be able to contribute their knowledge to empirical teaching and learning research.

The teaching models which have been developed and tested in the individual projects will be published in a collected hands-on volume and may be introduced within the context of further advanced educational courses in Baden-Württemberg.

The central findings of the projects will be published in a collected theoretical volume.

Knowledge which has been gained through experience with the chosen format of the doctoral programme (comprehensive accompanying doctoral programme and quality management concept, coordination point, peer reviewed selection process) will be conveyed to the institutions promoting the research. This knowledge, used as an evaluated model, can have further influence and effect on future thematic focused and structured university enterprises among the various universities.

Instruments for the inquiry of students’ competences in the area of “experiments in a mathematical-scientific instruction” are developed and tested in the various projects and will be available for future studies in the area of empirical teaching research.